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The Fantastic Plastics - "Troublemaker"

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The Fantastic Plastics - "Troublemaker"

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Artist Bio:

Brooklyn based New Wave revivalists The Fantastic Plastics can simply be described as "Candy Coated Cyanide." They blend pop sensibility with cutting lyrical content and wrap it all up with thick analog synths and gritty guitars.

Originally based in central Illinois, The Fantastic Plastics relocated to NYC in late 2012 and began refining their look and sound. As a mainstay on the local indie scene the two piece consisting of Miranda Plastic on Moog, Theremin and vocals and Tyson Plastic on guitar and vocals continue to be a can't miss show with their amazing video installations, stage uniforms, and sing along anthems that serve as a harbinger for a future overrun by technology.

About The Video: Inspired by 2001 A Space Odyssey and Japanese Kaiju movies, the Troublemaker video is a surreal sci-fi trip through a psychedlic alien landscape. Edited by Dylan Stanford who brought the video to life with his video collage art reminiscent of Max Headroom, Kaiju, and B-Movies that belong on episodes MST3K.


March 5th, Brooklyn NY, The Way Station

March 18th, 19th, Austin TX, SXSW Altercation Records Showcases

March 20th, Bryan TX, Altercation Records SXSW Hangover Concert

April 15th, Peoria IL, Mates Fest

April 22, NYC, Leftfields with Sam Vicari

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