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Teamster - "Die Well"

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Teamster - "Die Well"

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Artist Bio:

Teamster is a hardcore band based in Washington DC. The band formed in late 2011 and has been raging since, dedicated to a fierce and pummeling brand of hardcore, not for the weak. Drawing inspiration from east coast US styles like the NYHC sound of Sick of it All and Madball, to the early midwest hardcore bands like Negative Approach and The Fix, Teamster seldom lets up. After initially forming with Rich Dolinger on second guitar and then recording an album with Hector Moncada (NYC's Show of Force and one time touring member of Cro Mags) on lead guitar, the band settled into it's current four piece line-up.

Drummer Sean Saley is a first wave veteran of hardcore, having played in bands like Government Issue from DC and Starvation Army and The Guns, both from Cleveland,during the 80s. He also spent three years with legendary doom metal band Pentagram and currently also drums for heavy giants The Skull (ex-Trouble.)

Singer Jon Moran has been involved in scenes from Buffalo to DC, has fronted numerous bands such as Fit for Duty and also currently sings for Victory in Death. Guitarist Nam Dong and bassist Juston Reynolds are longtime friends, having grown up in the DC scene and collaborating in former bands like Eastwind.

Teamster has been playing around the east coast, midwest, and mid-Atlantic states since forming, recording it's first demo in 2012 with Ken Olden (Youth of Today, Worlds Collide) at the desk. Two tracks from those sessions were released as a split 7" with Buffalo band Source of Relapse. In 2014, Teamster recorded seven tracks with Mike Hatalak (It Dies Today, Wreckage) engineering. The 2014 and 2012 demos were released as a full length self-titled CD in late 2014. The CD is available through Downgrade Records.

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