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Hammered Grunts - "Public Image"

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Artist Bio:

Hammered Grunts was started in 2004, much to the dismay of neighbors and music snobs alike. The band consists of four friends dedicated to making music and being involved in the local Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR punk rock scene.

After quickly becoming a favorite in basements all over the Pacific Northwest because of their relentless and passionate stage presence, the band launched a summer tour in 2008 in which they terrorized the West Coast. The band capped off the year by releasing their first self-titled street punk album consisting of 15 original songs.

Following the success from their first tour and album release, Hammered Grunts teamed up with Portland’s local folk-punk heroes, Rum Rebellion, and recorded a split EP displaying another 6 song onslaught of energy & angst. Together, Hammered Grunts and Rum Rebellion hit the road, sharing the summer of 2009 with fans and friends gained through previous tours and word of mouth.

As of late, Hammered Grunts has developed a more thrash influenced sound that street and skate punks alike can enjoy. Enthralled by their boisterous new sound, they released the album "Street Thrash", which includes 12 tracks of brutality layered over infectious street punk energy. Ten years later, these bratty punks still write and perform with as much passion, enthusiasm, and originality as ever before.

Hammered Grunts would like to extend thanks to all of their families, friends, and fans who have supported them through the years and for the years to come!

About The Video:

"Public Image" is a 3 minute 15 second claymation music video. The video transmits a powerful message about fame and fortune, using clay as a metaphor for how an entertainer today is cultivated and "sculpted" to become the next idol for the people. Thaddeus Thompson, director and producer, creates a world filled with sleazy agents and soulless stars that milk the fawning masses of their precious money.

The music in this video was written by Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA street-thrash band Hammered Grunts.

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